“Q&A #6”

February 14, 2021

DAVID CARSON | February 14, 2021
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Q1: I was debating recently with a Christian friend whether or not a true believer can lose their salvation. I do not believe they can, but this friend pointed me to Rev 22:19 where it speaks of God blotting people’s names out of the book of life. Does this verse teach that salvation is something God can take away from you?

Q2: While going through the Bible, I am seeing a lot of stories about men with multiple wives. When did it become a sin for a man to take more than one wife?

Q3: In Ex 4:24-26 there is a confusing text where it says God sought to put Moses to death and Moses was only spared because his wife, Zipporah, circumcised his son. What is going on in this story?