October 16, 2022

DAVID CARSON | October 16, 2022
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Profiling the Anti-Christ

Daniel 8:1-27


What does the symbolism of chapter 8 represent?

  1. The ram represents the Medo-Persian Empire.
  2. The goat represents Greece, and the “conspicuous horn” represents Alexander the Great.
  3. The four horns that arise represent the four generals that divided Alexander’s empire.
  4. The “little horn” represents Antiochus IV Epiphanes .

Does Antiochus IV Epiphanes fit the description of the “little horn?

  • He must rise to a power that is not from himself.
  • He must be of “bold face,” and he must “understand riddles.”
  • He must make himself out to be equal to God.
  • He here has to be a persecutor of the Jews.
  • He must cause fearful destruction.
  • He must put an end to Jewish sacrifice.
  • He must make the sanctuary desolate.
  • He must only hold power for 2,300 evenings and mornings.
  • He must be broken by no human hand.


Point 1: We can trust God’s word when it foretells the future.

Point 2: Antiochus IV Epiphanes represents a type of Anti-Christ yet to come.