September 11, 2022

DAVID CARSON | September 11, 2022
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Four Winds, Four Beasts, and Four Kingdoms

Daniel 7:1-12, 15-28


The four beasts in Daniel’s vision represent the same four kingdoms seen in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

  • A lion with eagle’s wings = The Babylonian Empire
  • A bear with three ribs between its teeth = The Medo-Persian Empire
  • A leopard with four wings and four heads = The Greek Empire
  • A terrifying, ten-horned beast with iron teeth = The Roman Empire

The ten horns represent ten future kingdoms arising from the territory of the former Roman Empire.

The little horn that arises from among the ten represents the future anti-Christ.


Point 1: Evil has power for a season, but Christ’s kingdom will prevail for eternity.