February 26, 2023

DAVID CARSON | February 26, 2023
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Forever and Ever

Daniel 12:1-13


Point 1: This revelation is for the last generation.

Point 2: The end of this age will see a great tribulation.

  • The tribulation period as a whole will last seven years (Dan 9:24-27).
  • The period of intense persecution and war within the tribulation will be three and a half years (Dan 12:5-8).
  • The believing remnant will be preserved until the end of the tribulation (v. 12).

Point 3: The return of Christ will see the resurrection of the righteous and the reprobate.

  • The righteous (those saved by faith in Christ) will be resurrected at the start of the Millennial Kingdom. They will experience everlasting life (Rev 20:4; Dan 12:2).
  • The unrighteous will be resurrected unto judgment at the end of the Millennial Kingdom. They will experience the second death (Rev 20:5-6).

Point 4: The faithful will forever shine like the stars.