August 22, 2021

DAVID CARSON | August 22, 2021
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A Brief History of the End of the World

Daniel 9:24-27; Luke 21:20-38

  1. Daniel receives a prophecy that the end of human history will come after “seventy weeks” (Dan 9:24).
    1. 1 week = 7 years
    2. 70 x 7 = 490 years
  2. The announcement to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem is given to Nehemiah by the King of Persia in 444 BC (Neh 2:4-9). This starts the countdown on the prophetic clock of “seventy weeks.”
  3. 7 periods of 7 years (49 years) represent the amount of time until the re-construction of Jerusalem is complete.
  4. 62 periods of 7 years (434 years) pass until the death of the Messiah, the “anointed one” (33 AD). At this point the prophetic clock temporarily stops counting down.
    1. 434 years + 49 years = 483 years…where are the last 7 years?
  5. The last 7 years begin when the “prince who is to come” (anti-christ) make a “strong covenant” with the leadership of Israel, effectively bringing peace to the middle-east for a time.
  6. Halfway through the last 7 years, the anti-christ will commit the “abomination which causes desolation” (Matt 24:15) by proclaiming himself to be God in the temple of Jerusalem.
  7. There will be a siege upon Jerusalem led by the anti-christ toward the end of the 7-year tribulation.
  8. The Lord will return on the clouds with power and glory to defeat the anti-christ and establish the millennial kingdom.


Point 1:  All roads lead to Jerusalem.

Point 2:  Cosmic signs mark Christ’s return.

Point 3:  The end is assured.

Point 4:  There is an opportunity for escape.